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Are you a android phone user? Are you unable to run some apps? Feeling jealous after Seeing your friend’s android updated version? No problem here is the solution for updating your android version. Yes it’s true. you can update your old android version and also many more things on the same old smart phone with the help of tool called rooting. Android rooting involves installing a linux app named SU abbreviated for super user. SU acts as a gateway for running apps and programs with elevated permissions. Linux kernel is the heart of android. So, with the help of SU app we can run applications which changes core system settings of the phone or replace some core applications. Though there are advantages with the android rooting there are some added disadvantages too like it will void your warranty. If it is not done properly sometimes rooting may turn your smart phone into a metallic brick. But I’m sure if the android rooting is done properly you can do wonders with your phone. To know more about Android rooting you can visit



Micromax new mobile micromax unite 2 A106 released into the market recently. The device has got amazing features like 4.7” touch screen, Android latest version kitkat, 5 MP camera and many more features. Here the term amazing attracts attention because these are really amazing for such a price range. Micromax managed to include all these features at a very low price of INR 6,999.Micromax Unite 2 A106 stood as tough competitor to other mobiles like MOTO E, LAVA IRIS X1 in the similar price range. Other companies completely failed to compete with the features of micromax. Micromax successfully broke all language barriers to technology by pre loading 21 Indian languages in the Micromax unite 2. Users can view their contacts and call logs in their mother tongue. It also got many pre loaded apps which gave its users a complete high end experience. It has got 1.3 GHZ quad core processor and a high end GPU which gives its users an incomparable gaming experience. Though the phone got 2000 Mah battery it has got only 8 hours battery life and its app space is also very less which is slightly disappointing to its users. Micromax unite 2 A106 is highly recommended for budget phone users as it has got amazing features compared to any other phone in the similar price range.




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